Two nurses at nurse station


View the test announcements for jobs in which you are interested.  

Registered Nurse                        

Licensed Practical Nurse

Community Health Nurse

Nursing Services Consultant

Nurse Aide (Nurse Aide positions are non-civil service, and require Nurse Aide certification.  No written test is required.  Applications or further information on Nurse Aide positions and opportunities may be obtained from the Bureau of State Employment.)

Note: No written test is required for Registered Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse, Community Health Nurse, Health Facility Quality Examiner, and Medical Assistance Facility and Records Examiner positions.  Your score will be based on what you report on your civil service application and application supplement.

If you are not sure you qualify, contact one of the Civil Service Commission OfficesIf you do not meet all minimum requirements, your test results will not be counted.



Complete additional documents required such as Application Supplements or Employment Questionnaires. If requesting Veterans' Preference, submit  a copy of Form DD 214 or Proof of Honorable Discharge with your application.



Submit the application according to the instructions provided in the application and test announcement.  It is no longer necessary to have the application notarized.


What happens after I submit my application?



The Commission will send you the results of your rating.



If you meet the minimum requirements, your name is placed on the list of eligible candidates (eligible list) for that job title according to your score. Positions in the merit system are filled from this pool of eligible candidates.


When a job vacancy occurs, the hiring agency requests an eligible list from which to interview for that job title. Hiring is normally done from the highest ranking candidates on an eligible list. If you are ranked high enough on the eligible list, you will be contacted to report for a job interview.


If you are interviewed and not selected for the position, your name remains on the eligible list to be considered for future vacancies for a specified period of time. Your standing on the eligible list may change as more persons are tested and added, and as appointments are made. If you are selected for the position, the agency will notify you and establish a start date.



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